When The Hand Of God Is In The Scattering.

All of us will admit that, at some point in life, we have experienced what we thought were setbacks, disappointments, rejections, oppositions, and betrayals. These instances might have caused us to redefine casual, business, and intimate relationships with others. But recently, as I was having my introvertive moment, ☺️ a thought crossed my mind; “Why are people most likely to feel betrayed or wronged when another person’s decision does not favor their personal plans or goals, even if it betters that other person’s life?”

One thing I am learning is that, while it is true that betrayals happen in life, some of our perceived disappointments are as a result of our own self-centered expectations. If we are willing, we will accept that sometimes the Lord is the orchestrator of the scattering, even the scattering of good things. But we are often too consumed by our own ambitions to consider anything else.

If we only look at situations through the eyes of our ambitions, we will always miss the bigger picture. We may end up destroying potentially fruitful relationships, prolonging stagnation, praying amist, or holding animosity against people whom God wanted to be lifelong destiny helpers or friends. But if we would look at every situation through the lense of the Kingdom of God, then we would be open to the bigger picture. We would remember that God’s ways are not ours, and His thoughts are higher than ours, and His Kingdom is wider than our wildest dreams, and we would better interpret life’s situations.

The Lord directs all His Children according to his Kingdom’s purposes, not according to our Individual ambitions. Therefore, one man’s personal ambition should never define or determine another man’s purpose in life, and should never attempt to regulate how and when The Lord leads another one of his son or daughter.

I am not disregarding the place of accountability here. What I am saying, for example, is that everyone must not serve MY cause in order to be in the perfect will of God for their lives. Everyone must not belong to MY organization/church/group in order to be a passionate pursuer of the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. Again, His kingdom is SOO much bigger than any individual group anywhere. So, it will behoove us all to, “get over ourselves” if we are truly about the kingdom of God. Why? Because the works of the kingdom are about serving others; something we will not be able to do if we are wrapped up in our own agendas.

Again, the Holy Spirit will lead us, ALL OF US who are His, to one day redefine our relationships with our children, parents, siblings, churches, strangers, jobs, etc., so that His kingdom will be expanded throughout the Earth and reach as Many as possible. Children will grow up, become Independent, and leave their parent’s homes. Sons will leave their siblings and marry, regular members will be called into different ministries and go off to plant new churches, start new businesses, or join different fellowships. People will change professions and get new jobs/bosses, strangers will become spouses, etc. These are not acts of betrayal; they are not setbacks or disappointments; rather, these should be causes to celebrate our fellow brethren for allowing God to shift them into his will for their lives. However, how many of us will admit that many of our disappointments and offenses against others have been around such events? We were not always happy when others decided to follow God and made decisions that had nothing to do with us or our personal agendas and desires? Some of us are still waiting for God to judge or punish someone for disappointing us, not knowing that God might very well have been the one calling that person to shift.

Remember this: Sometimes, the hand of God is not in the infrastructuring, the strategic planning, the hoarding of people for the sake of growth, or in our various ideas of success. Sometimes, instead, the hand of God is in the scattering. [Genesis 11:1-9]