However, as he became a teenager, he fell to the peer-pressures and for a season was not faithful to the calling he felt at his young age.

But at the age of 17, he had a re-awakening and rededicated himself back fully to the Lord. During that same time, he had an encounter with the Lord Jesus where the Lord encouraged him and told him of the plans he had for his future even in the United States.

Pastor Emmanuella Forlu was born in Cameroon, West Africa to Bruno and Doris Hapi. At the age of 9, she had an encounter with Jesus where he gave her a song of salvation to sing and promised to always be with her. However, she did not come to full understanding of personal salvation until at the age of 18 while in the United States.
During this time in her life, she was experiencing a very sad and traumatizing moment in life as her parents were getting divorced and the family in chaos.
But rather than running deeper into the world, the Lord in his mercy and grace guided her into His presence where she had another encounter with Jesus and there was reminded of the song of salvation He had thought her when she was 9 years old.
Through that encounter, the encouragement from some born again Christian friends that came her way and the prayers of her grandmother Lydia, Emmanuella gave her life to the Lord this time receiving him as her personal Lord and Savior. She testifies of the freedom one receives when they go from a regular church attender to personally walking with Jesus. Through her personal testimony, her father encountered the Lord Jesus and today if a pastor and minister of the gospel of Jesus.
Pastor Gaius and Emmanuella meet at married in the summer of June 24, 2006.Through their life’s experiences and testimonies from others, they have come to understand the wonderful plans that God has for us and also how the enemy works to deviate us from that path for he comes to steal, kill and destroy. But they believe that by the grace and mercy of God, we can come to the light of God and walk in his path of righteousness. That is why they are passionate about winning the lost and broken with Jesus and discipling them to walk in the victory God has for them. Pastor Gaius and Emmanuella have been serving the Lord faithfully together since they got married in pastoring and traveling around the world for missions and evangelism.
     By the grace of God, pastor Gaius & Emmanuella Forlu have had several encounters with the Lord. It was in one of this encounters that the Lord Jesus appeared to pastor Gaius and gave him a message of Peace and hope. From that encounter, the Lord assigned pastor Gaius to encourage the people in all his travels to come out from a place of worry and refocus on the victory of the cross. By so doing, the church is re-ignited in passion for Christ to receive all that the Lord has promised. They have seen and experienced healings and creative miracles as the word Of God came forth.

     Together, Pastor Gaius and Emmanuella Forlu are teaching the simple word of salvation in a way understood by all from different backgrounds and age groups. By the leading of the Holy Spirit, they flow in the areas of healing and deliverance and spiritual counsel through the word of knowledge and the prophetic. They follow a very practical approach to the gospel following John 10:10 and the Lord has been doing great things in their lives and the lives of many people in the USA and around the world. Many have come to receive salvation in Jesus and as a result have been healed, delivered and restored. Lives have been ignited by the fire of the Holy Ghost who have gone about to do great exploits for the kingdom of God.           Before moving to San Antonio Tx, they served under two ministries; ROLAI in Maryland and River of life church of God in Indiana. From there they were called to Ashtabula OH to pastored New Hope ministries and where there faithfully for 9 years until the Lord guided their steps to start a new work in Texas to work alongside his father Bishop Israel Forlu and the River of life Assemblies International (ROLAI) Together, they have been blessed with three very gifted and loving children. Lemuel forlu, Eliana forlu and Jahzara forlu.